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Our Story
Wülfgangs team is made up of just one human, Seren, and her best friend and Study buddy, a Saluki x Greyhound. 
Seren was raised by a family of animal lovers and rescuers. Working with and helping animals has been a signifciant part of her life. Seren has played a part in the rehoming and rehabilitation of cats, dogs, amphibians, and chickens. Seren has an affinity with and ability to build the trust and confidence of the animals she has encountered. 
Seren began academically researching everything dog related in 2020 to help with her own girl. Together they have grown together through many struggles and "unwanted behaviours", from separation anxiety, reactivity, high prey drive, puppy biting, chewing and excessive barking. Seren has also tried and tested a number of training methods, and after a lot of trial and error, experience and research, we now only use force free, science-backed, positive reinforcement based training methods.



Our Mission
⦁    Promote the use of force free training methods. 

⦁   To work with the dogs needs and traits, not against them. 

⦁   Developing positive relationships with owners, their dogs and between owners and their dogs. 

⦁    Ensuring the safety of the public, our clients and their dogs. 

  •  Aid in the prevention of dogs unecessarily being rehomed or ending up in rescue centres due to solvable behavioural issues.

  • To offer a safe space for other neurodivergent canine guardians like herself.


To arrange a free discovery consultation call for any of my services, you can send an email at, or call/text at 07852473334.

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